Is Quran relevant to Muslims only? What about the humanity.

Is Quran relevant to Muslims only? What about the humanity.

Is the Quran only for Muslims? If God is the Lord of the worlds (Quran 1:2) and the Prophet is described as the messenger for the worlds (Quran 21:107) and the Quran is introduced as a reminder to the worlds, (Quran 68:52) then what is the relevance of the Quranic message to the world? How can the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, alike, benefit from the universal message of a universal and compassionate God? Can non-Muslims practice divinely revealed values without acknowledging their original source and without adhering to the total divine call?



Time will pass

Hi there,

I was busy previous days thats why i have no time to write anything,

I am happy that i am somewhere busy designing a website for you, making my self in writing these kind of posts and thinking about some more designs for your website, i am happy with this time no matter if we talked or not i know you are too busy to contact me. Thanku

Everything is Fine

I was just thinking about you that how you are busy in your work, wondering your whole day, how or where you spent it.

After a whole day and getting no message from you i am just worried about you and your condition. But its all fine i am alright, i dont have any problem, and just wanna say ‘take your time baby’ its OK , its your time to be moody, its your time to be busy, its your time to not respond, here i am in a fine mood sitting in a fine atmosphere, and fine weather. Everything is fine…

After My Busy Day

Tangled dream + Morning + Job + Your thoughts + My routine + and after a busy day..

When i get free of all these, your memories makes me busy then, it takes me to that place where i want to live, Where you stand by my side, where u tell me about me where you smile, where i live in you eyes, where i will be your caller tune. It takes only 5 mins to express my feelings, to write for you or to message you. I am just imaging that how you dont express me in you, how you dont feel it? Why so hard for you to write for me? Welll i know all your busy time, but the heart want what it wants.

Women fall in love quicker than men. Easier and more often. But when men fall? We go down harder. And when things go bad? When it’s not us who ends it? We don’t get to walk away.
We crawl.

Nature blessed me

Nature has blessed me, with countless things, and i am so proud to be a believer that he is with me all the time!

Patience , Thanking , Forgiving and love are the main rules of humanity, I learned it form my #lifepartner as I am not capable of controlling my bad mood, but he knows how to control me. And make myself to learn all ups and downs by myself. He shows the paths like how to be patient how to thank, why to forgive and why to love he always take place in that situations where i learned alot by his moods,

Thats why nature has blessed me with a unique piece, because of him i am taking steps, making my self to differentiate between positivity and negativity, it doesn’t mean that i am all perfect now, but not that bad creature.


Trust yourself

You may not be able to control every situation and it’s outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. Everyone is not fair, everyone can’t be fair all the time, be forgiving, Luck is not in your hands..But decision is in your hands Your decision can make luck,but luck can never make your always trust yourself. 


Ideas are evergreen,  i dont mind when you dont reply , when you dont even talk to me!

I am just doing what i want, it makes me feel relax because doing anything for you is just like to be with you, i am satisfied with these feelings that you are with me and i am writing for you i am thinking of you it is enough for me that you are in my mind , that makes me to do some or little bit for you i know it will not give you #me but my thoughts when you read these,  thinking of me from your mind is a lifetime achievement for me.